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Dating Sites for Married People: Tested for India

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“Married but looking?” Stuck in a marriage that is not working? Is your partner not giving you enough time? Craving for attention from the opposite sex? There are several reasons why men and women search for dating sites in India for married people. For the millennial, commitment is an issue.

In a country where everyone is running in the rat race, couples are often unable to spend time together. Work pressure coupled with continuous absence has made men and women search for love or companionship on dating sites for married people.

While some are out there for a fun one-night-stand, there are others, who are actually seeking love and comfort via tested dating sites in India for married people.

There are several online dating sites for the young generation. However, there aren’t several dating sites in India for a married couple. Also, it is difficult to trust the online sites as you would not want to lose your confidentiality, and would not want to get caught. Well, don’t worry. We have a list of trusted dating sites in India for the married couple.


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Gleeden is the first online dating site created by a women. Gleeden offers amicable companionship to men and women who feel lonely and are distressed in their current marriage.

It is not always about hook up or sex. Via Gleeden, you can indulge in a fun-conversation with the opposite sex. Just easy, breezy flirting. Gleeden is a great online dating site in India that allows men and women to look out for happiness, without disrupting life. 

With over 300,000 subscribers in India, Gleeden not only provides a window to the problems others are experiencing in their lives, but also gives a chance to be happy in small moments.

The dating site s run by a female team and is completely free for women users. It gives women a chance to explore the options and gives them the freedom to date with no strings attached.

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Tinder has bought in the world of dating within a finger-tap distance. Tinder is a great dating app for married people, especially for those who are looking for casual sex and one-night hookups.

Just with a simple swipe, you can now meet new people over a drink and then decide how the night will go. Married people can mention their relationship status on Tinder profile and can like people who are sailing in the same boat.

Tinder makes dating fun. It can be a great stress buster for everyone loves a little romance. Moreover, even if the relationship doesn’t work out, you can also make new friends and discuss your problems.

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