Two latest releases OnePlus One and the Yureka from Micromax subsidiary Yu will now feature the latest operating system CyanogenMod 12 (CM12). The latest OS from Cyanogen is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop.  The update is currently available via side loading or over the air for a slew of smartphones. In case you happen to own the OnePlus One, gear up to face limitations and drawbacks post-updating to the new OS.

 Cyanogen Releases Cyanogenmod 12 For OnePlus OnDespite being laced with a spec that allows you to see your phone screen light up once any notification pops in, users are facing issues with this. Also, you may have to bid goodbye to data toggle on the home screen as well as on the quick settings on the OnePlus One.

 A plausible solution could be getting the Data Toggle 5.0 app on board. Again, this is possible when the phone is rooted. The worst drawback when you update your OnePlus One with the new OS is non-availability of lock screen widget.

We indeed loved the feature that allowed us to create a custom button for volume adjustment on the CM11 OS fed OnePlus One but with the brand  new CM12 update, this is just a thing of past.

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