An e-mail signature is like a piece of your identity that you send along with each e-mail. Be it your personal or professional branding, e-mail signatures look great and lets your e-mail contacts know more about say, e.g. your contact information, designation, company, etc. Today, we’re going to give you a simple step-by-step method for customizing your e-mail signatures in your new iPhone 5.

  1. Come up with a fitting e-mail signature for your e-mail account using your desktop or web-based e-mail client, including custom hyperlinks, if any.
  2. Send an e-mail from this client on to your iOS device with this new signature appended. Once you receive this e-mail on your iOS device, copy the text of the e-mail signature out of the message.
  3. Select the Settings app on your device, and go into the “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” section of the Settings.
  4. Select “Signature” under the “Mail” section on your screen. Go to the signature box corresponding to the e-mail account you wish to configure your signature for and paste the e-mail signature here.

And you’re done. Test it out by sending an e-mail from your iOS device to check if your signature appears correctly and the links work properly. You can configure customized e-mail signatures in the same manner for multiple e-mail accounts on your phone as well.