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Creators Can Buy Insurance from Notch If Their Instagram Account Gets Hacked

Content creators’ biggest fear is waking up and realizing that their Instagram account has been hacked. This is because their source of earnings comes to an end. With a hacked account, people can’t post anything or promote their businesses.

So, looking at this scenario, Israel-based start-up ‘Notch’ is trying to help Instagram creators in protecting their accounts. Along with this, Notch will also provide the creators with insurance for the income they lose during a security breach.

For signing up on Notch’s Instagram account insurance, creators would have to pay $8 a month. After doing so, Notch will pay creators a stipend and help them to get access to their hacked accounts. But doing so is not as simple as it seems. The company will first make sure if the creator is eligible for the insurance or not.

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Here’s how Notch will calculate the monthly fee for creators’ loss

Before the start-up decides to pay the creator for their loss, it will first consider several factors. CEO Rafael Broshi says that they will look at the follower count of the creator, his engagement, the vertical where the influencer works, where the audience is from, the number of posts the creator share per month, and the number of sponsored posts per month.

With all these factors, the company can have an estimate of how much content a creator creates per month and he will then be given the fee for coverage accordingly.

Start-up Notch

This policy is available only for hacked accounts. In other cases, where a creator’s account gets banned or suspended, Notch will not cover an influencer’s loss of income. However, Broshi said that the company will probably issue an add-on to this policy for considering banned or suspended accounts in the future.

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He also said that the reason behind not considering banned and suspended accounts for now is, that it’s not easy to build a product that provides and adds value.

Notch was launched recently, but it has helped a few creators to get access to their accounts. And there are also some testimonials that you can view on the company’s website.

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