Telegram, the popular messaging app, has recently introduced a mix of minor and major changes for its users in order to compete with other social media applications. The company has presented a New Year’s gift to all of its Android users by allowing them to create numerous accounts for different purposes. This means that the users will now be able to segregate their social media activities by generating distinct accounts through the addition of separate phone numbers.

Moreover, to make navigation simpler, the side menu has been equipped with the option of shifting between accounts. The users will be notified every time a message is received on any of the accounts, although they can choose to turn off this feature whenever they wish to. They can then move to that particular account by simply opening the side menu and clicking on the one that needs to be operated. Telegram 4.7 comes soon after the 4.6 version was introduced earlier in December with a bundle of attributes ranging from upgraded security features to link placements and others.

Telegram has also delighted its iOS customers as they stepped into 2018 by a rolling out a few features that were long due. The iOS users, who have always lingered behind their Android counterparts, can now customize the appearance of the app by selecting from a range of ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ themes. However, we feel that these users are bound to feel the pinch since this offering is not as attractive as the one provided to the Android users. According to the company’s blog, the 4.7 version of the app also boasts of the quick reply feature (applicable to both Android and iOS) wherein the users can simply swipe left on a particular message and respond individually to it. Thankfully, this aspect has made an attempt to bring the users of both the operating systems at par with one another.

In general, the Telegram app comes packed with a list of remarkable characteristics such as secret chats, bots, customized ‘last seen’ privacy settings, message editing, chat locking, etc. that definitely give it an edge over its closest competitor, WhatsApp. With a plethora of messaging apps all over the place, it will be interesting to see how Telegram manages to grip its users and extend its customer base in the times to come. In case you still haven’t updated to the newest version of the Telegram app, visit the Play Store or App Store today!