Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Cracked Apple iPhone 5c Screen Repair Starts Next Week

iphone 5s featuresHere is some good news to cheer up iPhone 5C owners who have a cracked screen. Starting next week Apple will begin fixing cracked screens in stores within an hour. Gone are the days when the entire phone had to be replaced, loosing data and installed apps as a result.

 Apple has been testing these repairs in a small number of stores allover America and an international roll-out (except Hong Kong and Canada) is most likely to begin on January 20. For those covered under Apple’s protection plan ,the cost of replacing the screen would be around $49. Customers without the plan would be charged a steep $149 for the screen replacement.

 On a side note, iPhone 5S repairs are still being tested and there is no word on their roll-out as yet.

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