Technology giant Apple, we hear is working on to improve looks and user interface of its upcoming iPhone. Certain rumours are buzzing around, indicating that the Cupertino Calif.-based firm is planning to equip its handset with a display that can hide components such as a camera, strobe light, and a finger print reader, with the ability to pop up from user interface as per users’ requirement.
Apple reports, “Placing components that would typically be found on the surface of an electronic device enclosure behind a transparent display may increase the surface real-estate of the enclosure for a larger display or additional components.”
Offering a seamless overall design, this feature would embed the components such as a biometric sensor and hidden camera behind the display of the iPhone.
For this new system, Apple gives the credit to Benjamin Rapporport, Fletcher Rothkop, Jeremy Franklin, Christopher Stringer, Stephen Lynch, John Ternus, Scott Myers, Julian Hoenig, and Richard Howarth.
Apple recently bought AuthenTec and many analyst believe this feature to be a result of the acquisition.
In case rumours turn out to be true, the upcoming iPhone would sport a retina resolution, an upgraded camera, and a high-technology display, which will hide a biometric sensor, strobe and camera.