Control Gestures with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is something new. Loaded with fancy stylus, all new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen serves as a Bluetooth wand and can be used to perform air gestures wirelessly. It also has a six-axis motion sensor along with accelerometer and gyroscope. The stylus allows users to switch between remote camera modes just with a simple swipe.

Samsung’s S Pen

The re-designed Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen is a smart stylus. It offers more flexibility when it comes to converting handwritten text to a digital copy. You can now customize notes by slimming, enlarging or changing the color of the text. With the new android smartphone, you can now export notes in different formats, including Microsoft Word. In short, you can take notes while the screen is locked and it will still be kept safe in the Samsung Notes app. It also allows you to search and copy text.

You can use the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 S Pen S Pen to stimulate shortcuts and accomplish specific actions by drawing shapes on the screen. It also allows Samsung Galaxy Note 10 owners to control in-app features for YouTube, Spotify, and other media apps.

One will also be able to use the Pen for video editing. Also, gamers and vloggers who use the new Screen Recorder can use the S Pen to annotate the footage as they record. You can also add drawings, effects and animations with the S Pen. Moreover, the redesigned battery of the newest Samsung Galaxy Note series is designed to last hours on a single charge. You simply will have to slide the S Pen back into your Note, and the phone will start charging.

Price You Will Have To Pay

The Note 10 is priced at $949 (INR 67238) approximately and is available with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The Note 10 Plus is highly priced at $1,099 (INR 77865) with 12GB RAM / 256GB storage. For all media buffs, you can pay additional $100 (INR 7085) and enjoy 512GB of storage.