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Connor Could Be the Greatest Hero of America in Assassin’s Creed 3; All ‘RISE’!

Independence is a very relative term. After all, the freedom that we perceive in our minds seldom can be described in words. July 4 has just passed us by but I am looking forward to October 31, 2012. The Fall promises to begin the era of Ratonhnhaké:ton or the more simpler Connor Kenway, the next assassin in discussion of the Assassin’s Creed series. There are some points to ponder why this Native American is the chosen one, besides the fact that his ‘original’ name cannot be pronounced in one go and has a variety of inspirations including the term ‘life scratcher’. For one, he is not completely black or white in his soul, rather he sports shades of grey with a mixed lineage (British father and Mohawk mother) and a conflict challenging him every step of the way. Besides adding a cinematic rendering to his personality, it adds depth to his character.

Another important aspect of Connor would be his interactions with the nation’s historic figures George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. It is impossible to eliminate history out of the series and the part of history Connor operates in, is one of the most discussed and patriotic moments of this world – a fact well highlighted in the Assassin’s Creed III trailer released recently. Of course, the ‘Rise’ message would be well heard for some time to come considering the slick flick quality of the trailer.

Not to forget, Connor retains the charms of an assassin with his hood and swift moves, samples of which can be seen in the umpteen game play videos of the latest series. Though his Tomahawk moves as swiftly as his concealed knife, the agility seems more enhanced in this new version. Ubisoft shelved any plans for a female assassin fearing this aspect. The move is appreciable when you see the final product. His dominance over the elements of the times is a big aspect which earns him my vote. Be it rushing through the woods, jumping across trees, boulders or even aligned furniture – he manages to do it with ease. And what’s more, he even leads a battleship! In the line of assassins ranging from Aquilus to Ezio, Connor seems to be a more familiar assassin in the series in the ilk. Even if gamers are speculating whether Connor will tame animals or soar like a bird, one can appreciate his stealth manoeuvres which mark the series games.

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Now, even if Americans love him for his country and others like him for his mission, one could appreciate his efficiency in carving up his assassin. The blood spill has been mastered by Ubisoft and Connor moves forward with his blade in a more effortless manner creating game legend and marking a new era of better heroes. And yes, if you are able to spot some grey shades in his white, just leave it to Ubisoft to straighten it out for you by the Fall of 2012. For now, welcome the new hero of the decade who will be difficult to fathom by the creative team at Ubisoft.


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