A time when technology and innovation are at peak, Amazon is also developing new products for the Indian market.  The new Amazon Smart Plug has been launched in India to make everyday appliances or household electronic items “smarter”. The Amazon Smart Plug has been essentially designed to add smart control to your existing appliances. You can use it forfans, lights, lamp, and even TV, by simply pairing the smart plug with a compatible Alexa device for hands-free voice control.

Amazon Smart Plug Price

The Amazon Smart Plug uses a 3-pin socket design and acts as a buffer between the power socket and the appliance. The users can connect it with their Alexa app or Alexa-enable smart speaker to switch on or switch off the connected appliance.The new smart plug wears a state retention feature that ensures that appliances go back to their last state (on/off) in case of a power outage and resumption.

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Amazon Smart Plug is priced at ₹ 1,999 and can be purchased on Amazon India, as well as at select Croma and Reliance Digital outlets. It easily plugs into any ordinary wall socket, and you then plug ordinary electrical appliances into it. The Amazon Smart Plug acts as a buffer between the power socket and the appliance and allows you to use Alexa app or Alexa-enable smart speaker to switch on or off the appliance. It has a 3-pin socket design and 6A power rating.The smart plug is currently up for sale and can be picked up as part of a bundled deal along with an Echo Dot for INR 4,498 or an Echo Dot + Clock at INR 5,498.

Set Up Your Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug with Wi-Fi

Setting up the Amazon Smart Plug is quite an easy task. All that you need to do is to plug the device into an electrical socket and setup using the Alexa app (available on both iOS and Android). Once the Amazon Smart Plug is connected, you can simply ask Alexa on any Echo, Alexa built-in device, Fire TV or the Alexa app to turn on/off the power.

With the Amazon Smart Plug, users can also customise routines on their Alexa app. For instance, users can schedule to turn off the night lamp at sunrise or turn on their electric kettle in the kitchen at a particular time.

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What is important to note here is that Amazon Smart Plug is not the same as Echo Flex Plug-in smart speaker that was launched by Amazon last year. The Echo Flex Plug-in serves as a smart speaker that can be directly plugged into a standard electrical outlet, thus cutting out the need for numerous wires and chargers. Unlike the Amazon Smart Plug, the Echo Flex Plug-in can also be used as an adapter (7.5W) as this smart device hosts a built-in USB-A port.

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