Nikon has for years been making come of the best cameras available. The Nikon D5200 is a proper advanced beginner camera and the older Nikon D7000 has been one of the best enthusiast cameras available.

The D5200 has a 24MP sensor compared to the D7000’s 16MP. A big difference is that the D5200’s display can articulate, meaning it can flip out and rotate, great for shooting movies. While both cameras can use SD, SDHC or SDXC memory cards, the D7000 has two memory card slots. A niggle with the D5200 is that it’s viewfinder can only see 95 percent of the frame while the D7000 can see 100 percent. For those sports fans out there, the D7000 can shoot at 6 fps while the D5200 can only see 5 frames per second. The D5200 is wi-fi capable, so one can transfer pictures to a smart device and even control the camera while the D7000 has no such technology.

While the newer D5200 has many cool new features for the amateur photographer the D7000 is a very good performer and also more robust. The D7000 has better photographic tools and is still a great option for a more serious photographer.