Friday, June 9, 2023

College Students, Get Set for the “Great Space Race” on Dropbox



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Space is important, and especially for college students. No, we don’t mean physical space – which we can somehow manage. We’re talking about virtual space, where all our photos and music and documents can be stored safely. That’s why Dropbox has announced The Great Space Race set to happen over the next eight weeks, giving college students an opportunity to get up to 25GB of Dropbox space for the next two years.

So how does it work? It’s all about collecting points, and here’s how you get to do it. Each student that signs up for the race wins his/her school 1 point, and another 2 points for going through the “Get Started” guide. Signing up itself gets you an extra 3GB of space, and to win more, you need to complete each of the 3 thresholds Dropbox has set.

It’s a great initiative by Dropbox as it tries to build customer base among schools and colleges, where there’s ample opportunity to do business. And what’s more, it’s even interesting for the students who participate. So, what are you waiting for? Want space, join the Great Space Race!

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