We recently brought you news about the latest update on the Clash of Clans . While the bugs are fixed and the game is finally up, the Anti-Air Defence update seems to have got more frowns than fans.Clash of Clans Updates Released

While the maker Supercell thought it would wow fans with recent turns and tweaks on Clash of Clans, the Air Sweeper is finding no takers despite helping in enemy progress slowdown. Primarily, fans have taken to Facebook commenting to vent their anger on how Air Sweeper actually hatches off balloon traps in the game. More so, some fans allege that Air Sweeper actually lets the enemy understand when and where the same will blow off.

Some players revealed that the update actually needs a strategy for optimal use such as planning right moves besides reaching at least third level to actually employs the latest add on to your advantage.

While fans are at loggerheads over the latest CoC update, here’s what you can actually do with this update- 

  • Clan book-marking
  • Order in an army preview
  • Slow enemy progression down

Let us know what you think of the same. Are you happy with the update or do you wish we were better off without it?

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