Chingari app, a “Made in India” short video sharing platform is on the roll this year. It has already proved its mettle in the past months as Indians users were frantically looking for some worthy TikTok alternatives as Indian government banned the Chinese apps. Remarkably, Chingari app has now crossed yet another milestone this month as it crossed 38 million users.

It is not only filling the void left by TikTok but is also giving a tough competition to various global social media giants like the Facebook. Indian app owners have shared that over 95 million videos are viewed every day on the platform. Additionally, more than 2.6 billion videos were viewed on the Chingari app within the last 45 days.

Chingari Co-founder and CEO, Sumit Ghosh has also reportedly revealed in a recent statement that the app has recorded a behemoth increase of 611 per cent in the active engagement time in the (then) past one week. He further noted that the app has outperformed various foreign platforms as well with a daily average engagement time of 51 minutes.

Key features of the Chingari App

For those of you who are still in search of that perfect TikTok alternative, Chingari is definitely worth your shot if you haven’t tried it already.  It would be safe to say that it offers all the major features that users looked up to in the popular Chinese app.

Another reason for the popularity of Chingari app in India is also its regional language support for as many as 10 vernacular languages in the country. Supported languages include Hindi, Punjabi,Bangla, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Odia.

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It also offers language support for two international languages including English and Spanish. Notably, in the recent months, the “Made in India” app has also grown popular in various other nations like USA,Singapore, Vietnam, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, it also comes with innovative augmented reality filters in order to provide more advanced front and rear camera tools to its content creators. Furthermore, besides clear sponsorships and recognition; Chingari app’s content creators are also rewarded points on the basis of how viral their video is. These points can also be redeemed for money.

Chingari CEO Hails Ban On Chinese Apps

The rising popularity of various home grown apps including Chingari app is also seen as a positive step in the direction of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” campaign. Indian government’s ban on over a hundred Chinese apps including the likes of PUBG and TikTok has ended up creating a huge void in the world of online gaming and social media in the Indian market.


Thus, the Indian ban on Chinese apps also came as a massive business opportunity for Indian developers. Furthermore, Indian government has also banned yet another set of 42 Chinese apps in its latest announcement.

Chingari CEO was also among the Indian CEOs who supported the latest ban. Ghosh was quoted by Times Now saying, “Chingari supports the latest ‘digital strike’ — ban on 43 Chinese apps by the government of India. Some of these apps were banned earlier as well, but they just cloaked themselves under a new identity to enter the Indian market.”

He further added, “The ban is a good move and sends out a clear message that Chinese apps can’t use such tactics to engage in activities that are ‘prejudicial to India’s sovereignty’. We would like to assure our Chingari family that the safety of their data is our highest priority.”ALSO READ: TAMIL NADU JOINS TELANGANA, ANDHRA TO BAN ONLINE GAMING