Chinese President Xi Jinping is all set for his visit to the United States the next week. Though several important destinations have been included in his itinerary, Microsoft Corp. and Boeing Co. are reportedly his first two stops for the trip on September 22.

Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Boeing Co and Microsoft Corp. next weekProfitable for Boeing

Jim McNerney, the Chairman of Boeing Co. Everett expressed his delight after learning of the Chinese premier’s plans to visit the factory. Xi Jingping’s visit to Boeing Co is of significance for the company because they are considering opening a plant in China for finishing, painting as well as delivering narrow-body 737 jets. Opening up a facility in China may also help the company earn more orders from the country.

Tech giants are expecting positive developments

Xi Jinping’s visit is expected to bring some good news for tech companies in the United States as Facebook, Apple Inc Microsoft have been making efforts to enter the country directly. Even though Apple and Microsoft have access to the country, they cannot directly invest in telecommunications or the Internet. With this visit, Microsoft could gain a stronger foothold in China.

On his visit to meet American president Barack Obama, both the leaders are also expected to discuss the cyber security threats that have strained relations between the countries.