In the wake of Apple releasing either its flagship iPhone 7 or its bumped up handsets Apple iPhone 6S Plus this year, Chinese police have pounced upon a fake iPhone producer in the country. According to local reports, the company based in Beijing has been engaged in production of fake varieties of 40,000+ iPhones that account for $19.6 million worth. 

Chinese Company Busted For Producing Millions Of Fake iPhonesWhat The Crackdown Revealed

The crackdown revealed presence of over a million parts of fake iPhones as well as six assembly lines. The police now arrested nine people connected to this trade so far. Ever since fake or first copy iPhones were being seen in USA, police had been on guard and investigations were started in May this year.

As of now, it has been revealed that the Beijing manufacturer purchased main boards of older iPhones from several countries and also brought fake iPhone parts with logos from Shenzhen.

Wrapping Up

The iPhones were being traded off to overseas countries as well as within China. Apparently, hundreds of workers had been employed by the company to produce such phones in hordes. The company has been shut down now.