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China Soon to get iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Apple has received approval from the Chinese government to start selling the iPhone 5, WiFi version of the iPad Mini and the fourth-generation iPad from December 7, 2012. Those who wish to get their hands on these devices need to make reservations at the Apple stores and pick them up personally. Customers can place their orders during regular business hours in the Apple stores and pick up the devices the following day, or buy them online as well.

The iPhone 5 starts at $199, while the iPad Mini will start at $329. The new iPad starts at $399. China is one of the most important international markets for Apple, with considerable demand for Apple products. According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, 15 percent of the sales were from China during the previous fiscal year. The third quarter saw an increase in sales of iPhone and iPad in the Chinese markets.

A report in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday mentioned that the Chinese regulator responsible for wireless devices had approved the licensing of a device similar to the iPhone 5. According to a previous report in the same paper, China Unicom would offer the phone to customers before the end of 2012.

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The iPhone 5, iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad has gone on sale in 47 countries around the world, including U.S., U.K, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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