16 year old Gary Wright was engaged in a game of  ‘Flappy Bird’ with its 17-year old brother Jabari Wright. Jabari clocked a score of 17 and this  enraged his brother and soon, things got out of hand. Jabari started teasing his brother and bragged about his score. Gary had a score of 6. Furious and anger-struck Gary apparently stabbed his brother with a knife in his chest, 17 times and referred to the 17 high score score. Gary then called up the police himself after killing his sibling. The parents have refused to comment on this.

Flappy Bird is a much popular mobile game that was released in the previous year. In this game, the player is required to keep tapping the screen constantly to ensure the bird remains airborne and take it forward, crossing obstacles and without touching any of the pipes. Though the game was released recently, it has amassed a lot of popularity in the recent few weeks. This game is famed for its highly addictive nature.

Police authorities said that the killing was certainly a tragedy and that it happened all because of a silly game score. Gary is charged by the police for first degree murder and is presently in Juvenile Temporary Detention Center.