Chic Wearable Technology Examples to Ace Your Street Fashion Look


Fashion today is incomplete without hi-tech wearables. A smartwatch or a sleek phone can amp up your style game as much as a bag can. They’re the most common wearable technology examples you will find. However, the style has gone beyond that.

In fact, technology seems the hottest trend on the fashion runway these days. A beautiful confluence of style and technology, it has made our life easier and trendier. Style has become a priority for gadget and fashion lovers equally. For technology companies, the focus has shifted from making high-performing gadgets to chic wearable technology examples.

The demand to match smart accessories with clothing is increasing — especially for smart women out there. Tech retailers are bringing on their A-game by designing tech wearable devices, including smartwatches, smart bracelets and fitness tracking devices. For those who love fashionable wearable tech, we have 5 wearable tech for super fun street fashion.

4 Wearable technology examples


The most used stylish tech accessory by the millennial, few remain to be smitten by the trend of smartwatches. If you are not, you will now. From Louis Vuitton to Hermes, every luxury brand is working on smartwatches. Smartphone maker Apple has designed premium smartwatches with custom luxury belts. Fashion brands such as Michael Kors and Swarovski have also come up with their own trending smartwatch designs. These sexy pieces adorn the wrists of many tech-savvy women.

Top 3 smartphone watches for fashion

  • Mondaine Helvetica 1 smartwatch
  • Swarovski Shine
  • Samsung Gear S2

Mondaine Helvetica 1 smartwatch

A gorgeous masterpiece, this Swiss masterpiece is designed with revolutionary conceptual thinking. It has a built-in smart technology for monitoring activity and sleep. A smartwatch that really understands 21st century needs, it gives active alerts and offers adaptive coaching. Additionally, it comes with automatic time alignment feature.

Swarovski Shine

Credit: Swarovski

With looks of a bracelet, you can impress anyone with the features this sparkly fitness tracker adorns. It has the trademark Swarovski style.

Samsung Gear S2

The most appealing part of the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is its straps. Embroidered with gold and diamonds, they are pure class. Sure, it burns a very heavy hole in your pocket. But it’s impactful with the capital I. Compatible with iOS and Android phones, this smartwatch provides quick and easy access to notifications, apps, and widgets.


Being dubbed as a ‘Fitbit for emotions’, Zenta is a personalized coach for the body and mind. This unisex biometric bracelet is able to identify your mood and emotions. The smart cookie is able to interpret your emotions and understand your behavioral patterns. Designed by tech jewellery maker Vinaya, this is pribably the world’s first biometric band for emotional well-being.

What we’re doing [with Zenta] is profiling people very specifically and helping them to understand their own physiological responses to situations.

Kate Unsworth, Co-founder & CEO Vinaya

Vinaya products are generally designed with sensors that are able to track the heart rate. This emotion-sensing smart jewellery allows the wearer to switch off from digital noise while still being connected to their most important smartphone notifications.

It keeps a tab your physical activity, sleep quality, breathing patterns, emotional states, stress levels, and accordingly creates a customized unique digital profile to help you adopt a positive lifestyle to ensure your overall well-being.

Zenta is a unisex biometric bracelet that works as a personalised coach for your body and mind.

Thesis Couture

With great emphasis on functionality, keep your eyes on the “world’s first high performance stilettos”. Founder of the company Thesis Couture, Dolly Singh has been designing heels that are engineered better. Such heels are comfortable.

Singh is an ex SpaceX employee. She has worked in collaboration with — beat this — an orthopedic surgeon, a rocket scientist, a mechanical engineer, and an Italian shoemaker. With their support, she hopes to design a shoe that promises heels with comfort.

High heels are a matter of engineering, and if we had more women engineers, someone probably would have thought of making them more comfortable a long time ago.

– Dolly Singh, Founder Thesis Couture

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Created using ballistic-grade polymer in the heel, the design of the shoe makes sure the wearer experiences no pain when wearing the 4-inch pencil heels. Also, the angle of the shoe and the platform at the front makes it feel that you are not wearing something that high.

Google Glass

The experimental wearable by Google has caught the eyes of every gadget freak. Google Glass are the most talked about eye wear that holds the ability to present information in a smartphone like hands-free format. With the Google Glass, you can now communicate with the Internet using natural language voice commands. The sci-fi eye gear comes with a small LCD screen that sites well in front of the eyes and can be controlled by both touch and voice commands.

What’s your favourite tech style? If you have come across some striking wearable technology examples, share them with us.