Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Cheat Codes and Tricks For Pokemon X and Y Revealed

Not many days ago, we all witnessed the grand launch of the Pokemon X an Y series. As soon as the Pokemon X and Y were launched, fans have gone into a frenzy to learn about tricks and cheat codes.

Have the cheat codes been released yet?

Soon after the Pokemon X and Y were released, the cheat codes haves surfaced and gone viral in no time.  Cheat Code Central also has posted cheats and special tricks for playing the latest handheld titles. Needless to say, Pokemon is one of the most famous and highly recognized gaming series for the Nintendo platform. Nintendo fans and owners have always enjoyed playing the Pokemon series and the X and Y series is designed to double the excitement. Players can now benefit from Pokemon X and Y cheat codes when playing this new series. These cheat codes are available in polygonal 3D graphics.

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Soon after Pokemon X and Y were launched, Nintendo 3DS owners have flocked to their nearest stores to grab the new series. The Pokemon X and Y series was launched on 12 October for the handheld device.  The X and Y series have been specifically developed considering the ranks and grades of pokemons. 

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