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Change Your Pics Into Fun Arts Using BeFunky App!

Shaking a stick and becoming gorgeous was something we have seen in all fairy tales. And now with BeFunky app, shaking a stick can give you many more effects than what princess got in stories.

Don’t we all just love to add funky and cool pics on our profiles, which would surely get us maximum likes and comments! Yes, we all do.

Try out BeFunky app, using which you can have some serious fun with your pictures. Get creative with this photo art feature app, which is absolutely free of cost!

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Best described as a Photoshop, BeFunky has a plethora of photo editing effects that can let you have some fun with your personal photos.

Launched in the US market, BeFunky is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

This free photo-editing tool has all effects, frames, tricks, and anything else you could think of, of doing with your pictures.

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Tekin Tatar, founder and CEO of BeFunky said that the app is in direct competition with already established apps such as Hipstamatic and Instagram. He further added that the advanced smart enhancement and photo correction algorithms make this application different from its rivals.

This Turkish startup is best known for its high-quality special effects. On BeFunky, you can choose from a variety of artsy frames, borders, and top it off with a retro finish.

Try out its Old Photo and Gritty HDR, which are fun to use. Not only this, you can also make subtle or extreme variations to brightness, hues and tones.

Explore and have fun with this application, paint your hair green or red or even blue!

Once you are done with all touches and styles, share your picture on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr or Twitter.

Well, there is also BeFunky’s website, where you can upload your photo. You can visit the site at

BeFunky also has a gallery, which is a database of thousands of edited photos. Click on it, comment, rate, or even share the pics! Here is the link to the gallery:

An innovative and exciting kid on the block, BeFunky hopes to mark its entry into the US market. The app comes in many languages. It has soared to 5 million active monthly users and 500,000 daily users that create 50 million photos each month.

So have you used your creativity and tried out BeFunky effects? Isn’t it fun and easy to use? No worries if you haven’t, install it today itself and get started!

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