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Where to Find Chandra Grahan Time Online?

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It is known that observing a surya grahan (solar eclipse) with naked eyes can cause permanent damage to your eyes. However, it is safe to observe a chandra grahan (lunar eclipse). Before you explore the option, you want to know how to find the chandra grahan time online. Unlike the solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse doesn’t black out the moon but just makes the moon look reddish in colour. Stargazers around the world wait for months for a lunar eclipse to observe the blood moon.

While the media usually reports on these events, many people still end up missing the sight of the beautiful blood moon. Lunar eclipse holds significance for both science and religion. If you also want to keep a tab of the chandra grahan time online at your convenience, you can install the following apps to make it easier for you.

Apps to find the chandra grahan time online:

Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) 

This app is able to keep a track of the dates and timing of lunar eclipses in various countries including India, Thailand, Portugal, England, Hungary, and Egypt. The app also provides information on the visibility of a lunar eclipse in other countries such as Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Russia, Nigeria, Australia, and Brazil.

Moreover, if you are expecting a newborn in the family, you should definitely consider installing this app. It offers advice and information about the precautions that a pregnant lady should take for the safety and good health of the child. The app provides all this information in both Hindi and English.

Moon Phases – Lunar Eclipse Calendar Widget

Moon Phases – Lunar Eclipse Calendar Widget comes handy for people who are interested to know more about the various phases of the moon. It is a reliable app to know about the lunar eclipses and their duration but isn’t limited to eclipse alone.

The app provides precise information about the timings of moonrise, moonset as well as the upcoming New and Full Moon. Photographers, astronomers, astrologers, gardeners, fishermen, and hunters can use the Moon Phases app to keep a track of the phases of the moon. It can also offer useful insights for hunters and gardeners based on the present Moon phase and their Zodiac sign.

More apps on your mind? Here are 5 must-have smartphone apps to upgrade your lifestyle

Ramadan Moon Sight & Islamic Moon Calendar

Moon is very dear to Islamic culture. With this new Google Play app, you can now know the moonlight lunar New Year status and see the lunar calendar in a new format. With this sun and moon astrology app, you will never miss out on the full moon day or lunar eclipse.

The app also has a live moonlight lunar eclipse with moon phase’s interface to help search for new weather live options. It is a reliable app especially during the holy month of Ramadan. It allows you to accurately see all the moon rise and set times along with moon weather and lunar phase calendar.

Lunar Phase – Moon Phases Calendar

An advanced lunar calendar, the Lunar Phase app is free to use. It has a synodic cycle explorer and tracks lunar and solar eclipses. The app showcases the current phase of moon, its visibility percentage, the distance, the current zodiac constellation the moon is moving through and lists all lunar eclipses for the 21st century. 

Lunar Phase also has an embedded lunar calendar that represents the phase of the moon for each day of the month. It also explicates the current elevation of the moon for the duration of the eclipse.

Phases of the Moon Calendar and Wallpaper

If you are a night-lover and are mesmerized with the beauty the moon holds, then this lunar eclipse app is a must for you. The app has several great features, including 3-D simulation, with atlas, moon phases for hunting/fishing forecast, monthly calendar, astrology zodiac signs, live wallpaper, widget, and more to understand the upcoming full moon, new moon, and eclipse.

You can now hold the moon in your palms with this 3-D simulation of moon phases with data updated in real-time. All you need to do is to swipe back and forth on your mobile to have a 3-D travel experience through the phases of the moon. You can also add reminder for your birth astrology zodiac sign and learn about a special lunar event that is predicted in the charts.

Do you know when is the next lunar eclipse? Now, you can inform about tips to find Chandra Grahan Time online!

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