The CES 2014 will be bringing us the latest in tech. Amid much tech talk and viral brouhaha, here are three of the phones that are expected to be hot this year at CES:

Samsung: The biggest contender and show stealer of 2013 will be present at the CES 2014 and will be showcasing their latest Galaxy range. Last year they had unveiled the prototype of the Youm that had a flexible display. This year, two things that are expected are the Samsung Galaxy S5 (a possible Sony Xperia Z2 contender) and the Samsung Galaxy Round.  The S5 might sport a 16MP camera, 64 bit chip and a metal exterior while the Round may be a prototype that will be flexible.

LG: LG is set to be at the heels of Samsung with their new LG Flex. This too has a flexible display that is only available in South Korea. This is a successful step that includes a daring design with a massive display but its features seem to be pretty standard at 720p-so while LG has surfaced to the top, it is yet to beat Samsung.

ASUS: The company will be launching a new range of Chromebooks and also a five incher MeMO phone. Their launch plan also includes a wearable kit that may be showcased at Computex first.