CES 2014In working for the gigantic occasion of CES 2014, which seems to occur in less than 2 weeks, ASUS released an amazing new video teaser on their YouTube account. The first video which the brand released was seen a few days ago hinted that ASUS was clueing some type of dual booting with the Windows and Android tablets

Now, they are again back with a new video, which has been titled as “What’s your number?” The video include balls that start falling from the top (sky) just like rain and for a small moment, the digits 4, 5 and 6 are seen on the screen. Few of the analysts believe it is a sign that ASUS hints the release of new smartphone line up with different screen sizes. The video just makes this sense seeking out the number tones that the balls lead when they hit the floor. You can check out the video for yourself too.

ASUS is all set to go live with their press event “In Search of Incredible” on the 6th of January on Monday at 12pm (PT) in India. The links display a countdown that has commenced already. Of course, the amalgamation of Windows and Android “Phandroid” will be served giving you hands-on whatever is declared, so just stay tuned.

This will surely be a new invention in the history of smartphones. However, the reactions of the people are still to be seen and known. The secret will be revealed in the coming New Year and all the phone aficionados are excited about the release and await impatiently for it. So, stay tuned for another new video release and look out for what ASUS has in store for us.