Asus may release a dual boot Android and windows tablet or a hybrid laptop at CES 14. According to a recent teaser released by the giant, it is quite a possibility that soon we may get our hands on a hybrid offering from Asus, which could prove a tough competitor to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or HP Split Hybrid laptop.

A new teaser released by Asus shows a liberty of statue holding two tablet one blue and green and then suddenly the tablet, which is green in color, turns into blue.  The video is followed by the caption, “”Green or Blue? One or Two?”

According to reports by , “It1391443_235090669989878_814512276_n be that Asus is planning to release a dual-boot Android (green) and Windows (blue). Or a laptop/tablet hybrid. Or a PadFone/FonePad successor. Or a combination of the three.”

Asus is a key changer in the gadget industry and knowing about its proficiency we are expecting a unique gadget CES 2014. If speculations are anything to go by then Asus may baffle the technology world with a rare combination of windows and Android tablet or a phablet.  Being the first of its kind it may generate immense curiosity amongst the users and may take over Samsung’s popular phablet Galaxy  Note 3.

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What will it be?

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