We always agreed that crowdsourcing was the way forward and Nuance Communications Inc., the creators of Swype, have proven just that. Taking a cue from Hotwords, Swype Living Language analyses new phrases and words in real-time through crowdsourcing technology and constantly updates its language dictionaries.

The latest installment of Swype also has a voice recognition feature and provides personalized dictionaries that include the most commonly used phrases and words of users. Users can also opt-in to share and receive trending words and phrases in real-time on Swype Living Language. It’s now more predictive than ever, making typing a lot faster and more intuitive for the users.

Smart Editor, another interesting feature on Swype Living Language, looks at whole sentences to identify any potential errors that require fixing. It also suggests likely alternatives by analyzing the context of what’s written.

Dictation support has also expanded and new languages like Croatian, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Ukranian, etc. have also been added to the list. With a dynamic dictionary, Swype leverages cloud and crowdsourcing techniques to give users a more humanized way to interact using their mobile devices. But its real competition now is Android Jelly Bean’s own Gesture Typing feature, which may be in its nascent stages currently, but will continue to evolve with each updated version of the OS.