After creating waves at CES 2013 with the introduction of beauties Ascend D2 and super-sized Ascend Mate Android handsets, Huawei has another device up for disclosure. Straight in competition with Samsung ATIV Odyssey Ascend W1 is powered by 1.2GHz dual-core processor and houses a 1950 mAH battery.  The phone doesn’t have a front facing camera but the shooting camera is 5MP. It houses a 1950mAh battery and has a 512 MB RAM with micro SD expansion. You would get a true Windows Phone 8 experience with this phone  which would be first be available in China.

The W1 supports the common GSM/UMTS frequencies and there is no LTE. This is only entry level windows phone which will prove a toughie for Samsung ATIV Odyssey Ascend W1.