The Better Foundation For Education: CBSE Board vs ICSE Board

CBSE Board Or ICSE Board

The two most reputed boards that secure a strong foundation for the future of your child, CBSE and ICSE implement their owndistinctive way of teaching and evaluating a student.  The national level board of education, CBSE is recognized by the Union Government of India and the syllabus is tailored to and is tailored to help children prepare for competitive exams.

Indian Certificate of Secondary education (ICSE) established by the by the Local Examinations Syndicate, although is valid globally, is not recognized by the Govt. Of India. To help you make the right choice for your kid’s future, we have tried to answer the CBSE vs. ICSE question. Let’s read on to understand the stark differences and similarities between the two most acknowledged boards.

CBSE vs ICSE Syllabus

As we know, CBSE is a government board. ICSE, on the other hand, is private run, and hence the question of which is better – CBSE vs. ICSE syllabus is an apt one. In this section, we will try and identify the key differentiator that sets the mark between CBSE vs. ICSE syllabus

CBSE follows a holistic approach, it focuses on the theoretical aspect. With a keen focus on 6 subjects in class tenth, the student has ample opportunity to develop his skills and opt for a more suited one –commerce, science or humanities when graduating to class XI. Also, CBSE lays great emphasis on science and math, thus enabling students, with a dream to pursue medical/engineering courses, develop a better understanding of the aforementioned subjects. It also gives a lot of weight to assignments, project works and sports. 

ICSE Board, unlike CBSE Board, gives enough space for practical applications. It engages students to apply subjects in the practical life in order to be able to understand the concepts more consciously. It also gives equal weightage to science, arts and language. It allows students to pursue a second language, along with several other interesting choices, including agricultural sciences, home science, and even interior design. While CBSE uses Hindi as a medium of instruction, ICSE does not approve of the same. ICSE is certainly the best when we discuss the English language syllabus, thus making it a coveted choice for those who want to study abroad.

CBSE vs ICSE syllabus – which is better and why?

Making a choice between the two boards is a tough one! While the core subjects propagated by the CBSE an ICSE are the same, their outlook towards the education system also follows the same line. However, if you want to select the most appropriate education board for your child and are still in the fight of CBSE vs. ICSE, then it is imperative to understand that a student who scores well in CBSE system may not essentially be excel in ICSE and vice versa. While CBSE imbibes theories to inculcate quality education based on theories, ICSE pushes the students to practice real-life applications. The main point here is to understand your kid’s skills and interests.

If your child aims to enroll for competitive exams, then CBSE is your best choice. The main separating factor between the CBSE vs, ICSE fight is that the first one lays great emphasis on Science and Maths. However, if your child is more interested in Humanities and wants to pursue bachelors in language, then ICSE is a preferred choice. Again, if you wish your child pursues higher education in an acclaimed international university, then ICSE is the safest bet.

We hope our information on CBSE vs. ICSE syllabus will help you make the right choice. Do write to us if you have any queries.