Career-Oriented Women Prefer Family Planning: Yale Study


What do you think are the factors that affect family planning? According to a Yale study, success in careers is a determiner of family planning for career-focused women.The study was performed on the basis of survey data collected from over 4,700 US women in their middle ages. It turns out, that career-oriented women are more likely to prioritize planned pregnancy than women who are less career-focused. The study also revealed that women more conscious about their careers show higher optimism towards artificial reproduction methods and were less likely to feel concerned about artificial reproduction technologies.

In response to the study findings, co-author and gynecologist Stephen Collins of Yale New Haven Hospital said that understanding perceptions of career-focused women on fertility issues are important to those working in the field. It is surprising to see that women are optimistic about artificial reproductive technologies and that they trust such innovations.

In the study, participants were asked to rate importance of success in their lives in relation to importance to pregnancy planning and different artificial reproductive technologies. As a result, many correlations were observed in the responses. For instance, women who said success is very important were thrice more likely to vote for importance of pregnancy planning, when compared with women who gave relatively less or no importance to career success.

In all, 90% of the women surveyed were positive about using reproductive technology to conceive in their 30s. The positive response favors the research in artificial reproductive technologies. The study results make experts in the field to appreciate the research findings.

This means women are less worried about the pregnancy complication they might face with growing age. This also let women follow their dreams, excel in their professions and more importantly achieve greater strides in academics.

However, there lingers a doubt whether all the women have access to reproductive technologies. This could also cast a doubt over the study findings as career-focused women are more likely to afford reproductive technologies than those not-so -much career-focused. Because career-oriented women are more resourceful, they have an option to consider family planning.

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