Autonomous vehicles have always raised concerns regarding safety and security. While the advantages surely shine over, we cannot miss out on the unpredictability that comes with self-driven cars. Recently, two men were killed in Tesla car crash ‘without driver’ in seat.

In the Tesla without driver car accident, Tesla car crashed into a tree and caught fire. The car ran off road and hit a tree north of Houston, before bursting into flames. The 2019 Tesla Model S was drifting at a high speed when it failed to negotiate a curve on a winding road. The police believes that nobody was sitting at the driver’s seat at the time of the accident.

Tesla Without Driver Car Accident 1

Harris County Precinct police officer Mark Herman gave an official statement confirming the passengers’ names. He said, “After the fire was extinguished, authorities located two passengers, with one in the front passenger seat while the other was in the back seat of the Tesla.”

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 Trouble for Tesla

The accident has come at the time when people are already discussing concerns over Tesla’s semi-automated driving system following recent accidents. The company is currently working on launching its updated “full self-driving” software to more customers globally.

Tesla Without Driver Car Accident 2

The US auto safety agency said in March it has opened 27 investigations into crashes of Tesla vehicles. At least three of the crashes have occurred recently.

CEO of Tesla Elon Musk said that he is expecting to make huge profits from its full self-driving software. He also expressed his confidence and said “I am highly confident the car will be able to drive itself with reliability in excess of human this year.”

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