Recently it was discovered that buyers in Poland could get their hands on the latest edition of Resident Evil franchise. Now, it has been revealed that the games were actually ‘stolen’ from Capcom…

Gaming is a very tough business especially with the number of pirated copies floating around. And the latest victim of this nasty crime is Capcom, which has discovered copies of its latest game ‘Resident Evil 6’ being sold in Poland. The company was completely oblivious to the fact and the matter came to light when it was reported by Polish website Neo Plus that it was able to get its hand on the game even before its release date.

Now, the information has startled the company, which did not release any copies before October 2. Meanwhile, Capcom COO Christian Svensson mentioned a couple of days back that they are ‘investigating’ the matter. NeoGo, the site on which the details were revealed used its access to advantage and posted information regarding the game’s initial sequence and also posted images of its manual along with the case in which it was sold. NeoGo admitted on its part that it did ‘not plan to spoil the entire game’ by revealing more.

Capcom is presently ‘undertaking a thorough investigation into reports that Resident Evil 6 is being sold ahead’ of its release date. They agreed that ‘this unfortunate incident is limited to a small quantity of stolen copies of the German USK Playstation 3 version of the game’. The sale was discovered after more than ‘ten’ copies of the game had already been sold. The retail has been suspended for now at the mentioned store in Poznan, Poland but the damage could be an irreversible one for Capcom.

A month prior to the official release date, the game is already being auctioned off at eBay by a buyer who is planning to sell it at a minimum price of $599. It has also been reported that the game has been leaked online on piracy sites. Svensson, on his part, has denied that these early sales will not be affecting the game’s success.

But any gaming agency would accept the damaging effects of pirated copies on their overall sales. And considering the fact that the actual release would be happening after a good time gap of 30 days, the game’s total sales may be affected considerably. That said, the company would be resting on the fact that RE 6 has recorded the ‘highest sales on record’ in its pre-order sales and is touted to be the most successful Resident Evil edition till date. But will it sustain its momentum is one big puzzle for many and Capcom would be equally baffled by its ‘pre-season’ launch of its new game. Well, considering the reach of the World Wide Web, the game would have entered new continents now and one can just pray that the efforts of people at Capcom don’t go in vain! Tech Thirsty requests you not to promote any piracy or related activities and report of any such leaks at the earliest so that it can be stopped in time!