Saturday, June 10, 2023

Canon EOS M: For All The Lady Shutterbugs

Yes, Canon’s one of the best companies in the world when it comes to making DSLR cameras. And the EOS range of cameras is among the more professional, yet easy to use, sophisticated devices you could ever lay your hands on, no doubt about that. But what makes the EOS M so different and so much more special from the female consumer point of view?

Firstly, it has interchangeable lenses – you get a lens in the package and you can always pick up an add-on lens to suit your photography needs perfectly. The EOS M range of cameras is the first model from Canon that uses mirrorless technology equipped with a powerful Canon 1.6x CMOS sensor. And to top it all, it comes in an unbelievably sleek magnesium and stainless steel frame.

Canon’s new power shot camera series revealed :

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The EOS M can click still images at a resolution of 18MP, which offers far more clarity than you could want for your normal use, and it even shoots HD videos. The camera is equipped with a stereo microphone for enhanced sound recording and even has a touchscreen interface at the back for easy use.

In terms of sensor capabilities, the EOS M is on the same level as the Canon 7D, but in terms of dimensions, it looks like an ordinary point-and-shoot camera, which makes it all the more easier for the ladies to slip it into their purses and carry it around. It’s also available in three color options such as red, black, and silver, so pick one up that matches your style and click absolutely stunning professional photos.

Compare Canon EOS M with Nikon D600:

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