Saturday, June 10, 2023

Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Sheer Photography Power in your Hands


A while ago, Nikon took the world by storm with its announcement of a brand new DSLR, the D800. Nikon fans went ga-ga over the massive pixel count of the D800, but others waited to see what Canon would launch in answer to this camera. And now, Canon has unveiled the EOS 5D Mark III, a successor to the extremely popular 5D Mark II. But does it make for a worthy successor?

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Canon has just added an extra 1 million megapixels in the 5D Mark III, but for the slight improvement in resolution, the price of the new model is about $800 more than the predecessor. The 5D Mark III has been given a makeover, and now boasts of a back that looks quite similar to that of the 7D. So, what else has really changed in this new offering?

Remember how rotating the jog dial would end up making a ticking noise that would get recorded when shooting videos. In the 5D Mark III, Canon has corrected this issue by featuring touch-sensitive noiseless jog dial controls. But that’s not all that’s gone noiseless – the 5D Mark III even has a silent shutter mode, so you can click your subjects without them being aware of the camera at all.

5D Mark III is even equipped with HDR, multiple exposure settings, and even lets you edit RAW images directly from the camera itself. The autofocus setting in the 5D Mark III has become far more accurate, letting you lock focus on your subject automatically almost every single time. A Digic 5+ processor within the camera helps reproduce images with utmost clarity and sharpness, lending the pictures a life of their own.

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