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Can iPhone 6S Or Other Upgraded Versions Of Apple Patents Help In Tracking Friends Easily?

Recently, Apple published two more patents which will help the users to send real time notifications and tracking status to the closed ones.

Can iPhone 6S or other upgraded versions help in tracking friends easily?Innovative features

According to Apple insider, who is responsible for these two patents, have titled the patents as customization and location notification which is loosely based in one of the most popular apps, Find my friends. This feature will allow Apple users to directly send or request notification and location update from their family and friends.

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If the accept is requested by the user, a notification will be send on the requisite’s devices in the form or mail, text message or any other mode of notification as selected by the user.


According to Techradar website, this feature will work once the user has crossed a Geo fence and in that case the notification will automatically be sent from the device.  The area of Geo fence can be altered by the users who can set up their own area to control the notifications. Once the iOS device of any user enters or leaves any specified, the notifications feature starts working.  The other patent is inspired by iBeacon technology which helps the users to be tracked inside a complex or a building. It can also update your location in real time if you are moving inside the building. Most tech experts have stated that it is a rip off of already existing technologies which seems to be weird and creepy.  

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