Can I Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

There are many applications promising to provide Facebook users tricks to check who has been landing on their profile despite the company reiterating the unavailability of this functionality.

Then, is it possible to really know who viewed my Facebook profile the most? Simply put, the answer to this question is ‘No’. There is no official tool that tells you exactly who has viewed your Facebook profile because the social networking site has a very stringent policy that restricts the provision of visitor information to users.

Why Can’t I See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Facebook has very clearly mentioned in its Help Center that it doesn’t allow users to ascertain the identity of people looking at their profile, not even with the help of external apps. In fact, the company has asked users to report apps that guarantee such a feature.

Thus, it is not advisable to download apps that claim to provide information about the visitors on your profile as these may try to steal sensitive information related to your account. Many of them could be malicious, putting your Facebook account security in danger on one hand and infecting your device with malware on the other.

How to Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Anonymity is one of the most essential characteristics of Facebook browsing which is why there is no explicit way of identifying who visits your profile. Moreover, the News Feed on Facebook is now equipped to show relevant stories from friends you have interacted with the most. This means that the profile visiting frequency has reduced since all information is available in the News Feed itself. If you still want to know who could be viewing your Facebook profile frequently, here are some ways to get an idea of that:

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile 1
  • Checking the Friends List – Open the friends list appearing in your Facebook profile page and then see the first ten names popping up. These are the people you have interacted with the most and chances are that they might be looking at your profile pretty frequently. Also, if there is any unfamiliar name appearing in the beginning of the list, it is highly likely that they are viewing your profile.
  • Facebook Friend Suggestions – Constant reminders by Facebook’s algorithms for adding a specific person to your friends list is also a sign of that person visiting your profile frequently.
  • Getting the Google Chrome Extension – You may also try installing the Social Profile extension by downloading and adding it to Chrome in your device. Once this has been done, open your Facebook account in the browser and go to the timeline bar where you might be able to find the visitor of your profile.
  • Viewing the Page Source – It has been claimed that this method serves as a hack for knowing who has been opening your profile a lot. To try this trick, use the following procedure:
  • Go to your Facebook profile and open its source code by right clicking on the screen and pressing the ‘View Page Source’ option.
  • Once the code window appears, open the search bar by pressing the ‘Ctrl+F’ buttons on the keyboard.
  •  In the Search bar, when you type “Buddy_ID” and press enter, a list of profile IDs will appear.
  •  Those IDs can be copy pasted in the Facebook address bar ( ID) to reveal who may have visited your profile in the recent past.

We do not know when the ‘Who Viewed My Facebook Profile’ feature will be added officially to the social networking site by the company. In case you are worried about unwanted snooping, you can always set the privacy level to maximum.