Camscanner Malware on Android Leaves Users in a Fix


News of CamScanner malware on Android being a reality surfaced yesterday. It has had Android users on tenterhooks since then. Camscanner app has been identified as being a hot spot for malware distribution. Hence, Google has deleted the app from the Playstore.

Reports suggest that the popular mobile scanner app was hosting the ‘Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n’, as identified by Kaspersky Lab. Although CamScanner started as a product with the right goals in mind, the developers seemed to have missed the effort.

The Kaspersky report suggests that CamScanner used ads and in-app purchases for monetization. That was legit. However, when the company started shipping products with an advertising library, a malicious CamScanner malware on Android seems to have entered. Hence, the trojan malware was seen in some apps preinstalled on Chinese smartphones.

Google has not been able to keep a check on malware injections either. Kaspersky says that although PlayStore tries to keep a check but rogue malware do seep in from time to time.

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The Kaspersky report also added that although Google is a big and powerful tech company, it cannot keep a check on the millions of apps that are being added and updated on Google Play regularly. “Keep in mind that most of the apps are updated regularly, so Google Play moderators’ jobs are never done,” the report said.

Camscanner is a popular app that has been downloaded by 100 million people to make it easy to scan and store documents. Official documents, photos, passports and others have made their way to the phones of CamScanner users.

If you have CamScanner installed on your Android phone, it might be time to uninstall it!

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