With all the hullaballoo over the Blackberry Z10 turning out to be the phoenix figure for BlackBerry minus RIM, we took time out to focus our attention on the shutter story. Amid all the buzz of the better OS, the better touch response et al, we found it vital to find out which camera phone has THE thing among the reigning popular faves of 2013—BB Z10, Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple’s iPhone 5.

For starters, the Z10 makers were never in news for being the best camera offerer. However, Sammy has from time to time clinched the camera quality top slots across continents. As for Apple, it has now formed a habit of being exceptionally good.

We chose to dig results without lens-working our way through frivolous or serious mode settings for each of these gadgets’ cameras. Therefore, we promise you a verdict devoid of edits and adjustments.

For shots of objects from a regular hand held distance, each of the three seemed to match shoulders in terms of clarity, sharpness and quality.

However, when it came to close-up shots of small and brightly colored objects, Sammy disappointed with having too much whiteness while the Z10 impressed with the right hue balance. Nevertheless, Apple won hands-down with the perfect everything that could make the best picture.

Not yet concluding who the king is, we chose to try one last time with shutter clicking the three on a metallic object with sheen. And here—Sammy seemed to show more edgy backgrounds while Z10 gave a fair picture. However, iPhone 5 amazed us with its quality—truly picture perfect, we say.