Brace yourself for the next Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 update. The multi-player battle royale game is gearing up for a brand-new season and is expected to release next week. The Call of Duty Mobile season 12 update will come with a lot of updates and improvements, including new maps and content.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 1

The official page of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass indicates that the Season 11 Battle Pass is set to expire on November 11. Usually, the Call of Duty Mobile new update happens before the expiry of the current Battle Pass. Thus, it is expected that Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 release date could be November 11 it self.

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 Updates

Although the theme for the new season is still unknown as of now, the update will include various features from Warzone and Infinite Warfare. Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 will introduce the Hackney Yard map in Multiplayer.  All the gaming enthusiasts are already excited for Hackney Yard because it is a fan-favourite map from Modern Warfare 2. Hackney Yard Map is a gritty, rubbish-filled industrial park located on the wrong side of town. This roughly-rectangular map made its debut during the Modern Warfare Beta and had fans excited to see the real version.  

There are several rumours saying that the new Call of Duty Mobile update might even feature a “Night Mode” and could also have the much-awaited Night-Vision goggle since the players have been asking for a proper night mode since last year.

We also noticed a new special character Niko in the update leaks. The character has a unique UAV skin and an AR watch, with kill numbers displayed in a unique red colour.

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If you are an ardent fan of Call of Duty: Warzone or Call of Duty Multiplayer, you must quite familiar with this device. The Heartbeat Sensor is used to detect the location of enemies, and now rumours are abuzz that the update will include a mobile version of the same, and will also the gameplay style used by various players.

It is also being said that the battle royale game will have a new Ballistic Shield getting introduced in Call of Duty: Mobile.  Stay tuned to this page to know more about the Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 updates and latest news.