Saturday, May 18, 2024

Buy Your Windows 8 Phones From AT&T Holiday Season



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AT&T has finally brought out its Windows Phone 8 lineup. The most talked about phones of the year Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 would be available from the beginning of Nov.9. Lumia 920 will cost you $99.99 in a two year contract and would come equipped with free wireless charging plate. Buyers can grab one in red, white, black, yellow, and cyan. Meanwhile you can get your hands on Lumia 820 for $49.99 for a two year contract.

Whoever is interested in picking up these phones can pre-order the phones from there website

The Lumia 920 has a 4.5-inch curved glass WXGA IPS LCD display that boasts what Nokia called PureMotion HD+, which the company said is “better than HD resolution.” The Lumia 820, meanwhile, sports a  4.3-inch display, 800-by-400 display, built-in NFC, a 1650 mAh battery, Nokia location services like City Lens, and Nokia Music. Both phones run Microsoft’s brand-new Windows Phone 8 OS.

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