With Valentine’s Day lurking around it is a tough toss between choosing a worthwhile gift and a fancy item for your boyfriend.When you have a boyfriend you really adore or a hubby you want to pamper, what better time to buy gifts for hom than Valentine’s Day? This time round, gift him a laptop and watch him smile with glee.

Here are the top 5 picks for a 14 February gift:

Apple MacBook Pro: When it comes with fun with functionality, look no further than Apple MacBook Pro. Apple is set to offer “more power behind each pixel” with this 13-incher wonder. Armed with Retina Display and o         Dual Core and quad core processors from Intel, MacBook Pro is an apt pick for him.

Dell XPS 12: With Corning Gorilla Glass Display laced with a flip-hinge spec, the Dell baby is a wonderful pick for him. An ultimate name when it comes to convertibles, the laptop features 4th Generation Intel Core and boasts 9 hours-long battery life.

Samsung ATIV Q: Another top pick among laptops for this V-day is the Samsung ATIV Q. Spunked with multi-touch screen ad powered by Intel Core i5, the laptop boasts battery life close to 9 hours.

Get set to shower a superb surprise on your guy!