Apple has finally lifted the curtains from the new MacBook Pro 2013 and Apple loyalists have been rushing to the stores to find out what makes the MacBook Pro 2013 exciting.

5 reasons to buy the New MacBook Pro 2013

The Apple MacBook Pro 2013 is powered by the advanced Haswell processor. This is the 4th generation processor from Intel that promises to deliver incredible processing power in comparison to the existing models.

To support the Haswell processor’s extreme power, the MacBook Pro 2013 also features higher RAM. This 13-inch device features 4GB RAM cache while the 15-inch model packs in massive 8 GB of RAM cache.

Needless to say, the most anticipated feature for the MacBook Pro 2013 has been the OS X Mavericks. This is the latest operating system designed by Apple.  This new operating system from Apple has an enhanced Safari, a redesigned app for Maps, iBooks, tabbed finder, a new look for the calendar, multiple displays, iCloud Keychain and a lot more that you can explore.

The Apple MacBook Pro 2013 also features advanced storage. The 13 as well as the 15-inch models of the MacBook Pro are packed with 128 GB SSD and 256 GB SSD storage respectively.

Also the prices of the MBP 2013 have been slashed by Apple.