Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch (Retina Display)Apple recently made an announcement that its new range of Mac Pro Computer marked with Darth Vader signature will be on sale from Dec.19 at $2999. The other version with advance specs has been priced at $3999 and other variants come with customised orders which vary with the price taking it upwards. Orders starts from 19th of December through Apple’s official website and other authorised stores and retail sellers. The order will commence in the next few days.

The $2999 tagged Mac Pro comes with 3.7 quad core Intel Xeon E5 CPU, 2 AMD FirePro D599 workstation GPU well combined with RAM of 2GB and System RAM of 12GB. The $3999 tagged versions comes with 3.5GHz six –core variant offering dedicated RAM of 3GB and 64GB of storage memory with 1TB of flash storage. Customised storage allows 8 or 12 core CPU inputs in the device.

Apple initially launched the Mac Pro in June at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference. The device featured maximum cooling via jet turbine scheme that sieves air via the top opening. It comes with black aluminium inclusion and stood 10 inches tall. The special event held in October, Apple got a chance to lay hands on the new Mac Pro and discovered its amazing silence while it worked. The impressive details included back panel that lights up when the system is moved to allow the user to see the ports.

Thus, the price of the innovative Mac Pro is probably the most sought thing for the fanatics as Apple has clinged to silver aluminium model. display hard core engineering and a great way to highlight its production and assembling chain, Apple has commenced the testing in a more extensive manner in the USA