Saturday, June 10, 2023

Budget Tab: Akash 2 Tablet To Come Out In Dec. for Rs 3,499

In an announcement made by Datawind, the firm said it has started the delivery of its latest tab- Aakash 2 to IIT Bombay. The manufacturer of low-priced Aakash tab also declared that this affordable device will be out in the market this October.

According to a statement made by Sunit Singh Tuli, CEO, Datawind to PTI, “Supplies are on to IIT Bombay. In the next few weeks, it should be launched.” He also hinted at launching the device on Oct. 5th, which also marks the tab’s anniversary date.

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Tuli added that the launch date of Aakash 2 depends upon the schedule of Kapil Sibal, HRD minister. He further informed that Datawind was ready to launch the device since the last one month and a half. However, details remained undisclosed.

Earlier, Sibal had announced making the latest version of Aakash tab with a battery backup of three hours, a capacitive touch screen along with other new features at the same low price.

Datawind got the tender to manufacture and supply Aakash tablets for price of around $49 per unit. Apart from this order, the firm also received orders for 55 lakh more from other customers.

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The company has delivered most of the pre-paid bookings, announced Datawind CEO. He also said that the focus now stays on supplying for the non-paid bookings.

He said that out of 55 lakh orders, Datawind got four to five per cent of pre-paid bookings. And the firm will supply all pre-paid booking within a week or 10 days. He also added that the firm is giving offers to upgrade Aakash 2 to Android 4.5 version.

Currently, Datawind is working on to supply around 1,500 to 2,000 tablets each day. These tabs are assembled both in India as well as outside the country.

Datawind is also in talks to sell the device across country, after it has supplied all pre-booking orders.

The price of Aakash tablet starts Rs. 3,499 for UbiSlate 7+ model and Rs. 4,299 for UbiSlate 7C, which is with a capacitative screen. Visit the link for more details on the low-cost tablets

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