Sunday, May 19, 2024

Bringing Google Now To Apple Home: Now Go Get Active On Your Apple iPhone 5


If a leaked video is to be believed than Google Now on iPad and iPhone would soon become a reality. A video that has been revealed by Engadget shows that very soon Apple users would be able to use real-time enabled Google Now. The voice in the video said that the current iOS of the company would be making the feature usable. What you need to do is just jump to the upper most area of your  apple iPhone or iPad screen and from there you could access the auto search results.

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Google Now was catapulted in the month of June and is one of the leaders of active search. Google Now gives you similar results as Google passive search engine but the results are latest and interactive. You get the current status of flight, movie tickets and real time traffic in a jiffy without much hassle.

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