What they call un-carrier, T-Mobile has made a huge announcement this time round. If you are ready to leave your existing carrier and break your contract, T-Mobile is willing to give you $650. So if you are an existing AT&T, Verizon or Sprint subscriber who wants to shift to T-Mobile, this might be the right time.

Send a proof of your termination of an existing contract to Switch2Tmobile.com and you could earn Early Termination Fee for up to 5 lines. This money will be divided based on the termination cost of $350 that you would have to pay on breaking the contract as well as $350 for your existing phone. Of course, one of the evident glitches in this deal is that you don’t have the choice of trading your previous phones.

This scheme is in line with the AT&T plan launched recently. According to this plan, anyone who switched from T-Mobile to AT&T would receive up to $250 for breaking the contract. This is going to be one hell of a fight. It’s up to the customers to keep track and find out where they stand to win!