The first game from Arjan Brussee and Cliff Bleszinski ‘s Boss Key Productions, LawBreakers has been revealed. The game was teased as Project BlueStreak for long time.

The Inner Story

The game is a five-on-five multiplayer mode version of a science fiction genre. The first person is a shooter. The back story of LawBreakers reveals that humans could manipulate the force of gravity following the “The Shattering” event.

As a result, the world sees two groups—one, a peacekeeper body that intends to keep the law intact while the other comprises members of a crime faction that wants to break the same. Game players will come laced with superhuman capacities as they face their opponents. As of now, LawBreakers belongs to the free-to-play category and Nexon will publish it.

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More Scoop

With the success of Nexon in the free-to-play circuit and the developmental edge Boss Key enjoys, LawBreakers could be an instant sensation.  A complete game play reveal is slated for Friday at 6:30pm IST.