Bose has been an all-time favourite amongst audiophiles for its superb sound quality and the warm appealing style. The company has constantly been upgrading its style and high-fidelity sound technology to meet the changing demands of music enthusiasts. Just as we were getting used to the iPhone airpod, news is in of a Bose competitor. The audio technology major is set to release next-generation true wireless earbuds, the new Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds.

As seen in a Bose marketing video that was leaked on Reddit, these Bose earbuds are being considered as a new flagship wireless earbuds “Quiet Comfort Earbuds”.

Earlier this year, Bose had announced that the company was simultaneously working on not one but two new pairs of true wireless earbuds – the Bose Earbuds 500 and the Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds 700. If we go by the video, then the company will soon be launching the latter.

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Where can you find these Bose Wireless Earbuds?

Noise Cancelling Earbuds
Suggested Bose noise cancelling earbuds!

The leaked video was first noticed by Reddit on an Australian retailer’s website. Though it was taken down a couple of days ago, a YouTuber Matrix Life had downloaded the video and later shared it on his their video channel.

Specifications of the Bose Wireless Earbuds

  • Touted  as “world’s most effective” and “breakthrough acoustic innovations,  the new Bose wireless earbuds are designed using latest technology and will offer a crisp, clear audio and deep rich bass.
  • The noise cancelling wireless earbuds will host a custom-designed microphone array for a clearand enhanced call experience.
  • New Bose wireless noise cancelling earbuds boasts of up to six hours of battery, which is an hour more than Apple’s AirPods.
  • The best part about the noise cancelling Bose earbuds is that they are not only sweat but also water weather-resistant.
  • The buds have a splash-resistant IPX4 rating, the same as the AirPods Pro.

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  • With the new wireless earbuds, users will get the advantage of both – wireless and USB-C charging.
  • The Quiet Comfort Earbuds will wear the company’s Stay Hear Max tips along with an integrated stability arc.
  • If we go by the design shown in the video, then the New Bose wireless noise cancelling earbuds will have a lot of mic holes.
  • The video also speculates that the new flagship wireless earbuds will be made available in both black-and-white and silver colour options.

The sad part is that the video does not divulge the price of the new Bose wireless noise cancelling earbuds. Stay tuned to know more information and updated features of the new wireless earbuds from Bose.

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