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Borosil Suraksha UV Kit Features and Price in India

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Borosil has launched a new disinfection product called the “Borosil Surakhsha UV Disinfect Unit” in the country. The new Borosil UV disinfection box derives its name from the Hindi word for security, “Suraksha” as it aims to safeguard its users from germs.

Notably, the Borosil Suraksha UV Kit can be used to sanitise a wide range of everyday things such as smartphones, phone covers, masks, wallets, watches, bills, currency notes, as well as food items.

Borosil has claimed that its UV disinfection box kills 99.9% germs and microorganisms that are usually present on the outer surfaces of these objects. It says that the Suraksha box helps in significantly reducing the chances of transmission of infections from these surfaces. Sanitising all these items has become especially critical in the wake of on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Price of Surakhsha UV Disinfect Box in India

The newly launched Borosil UV disinfection box comes with an original price tag of Rs. 11,990. However, Borosil is offering a special price cut of around Rs. 2000 for the domestic buyers. Indian customers can buy the Borosil Suraksha UV Kit from the company’s website at just Rs. 9,999.  

Surakhsha UV Disinfect Box features
borosil Surakhsha UV Disinfect Box specifications

Interestingly, the disinfection box has come at a time when worrying about germs and is no longer just OCD but a genuine concern for everyone. The novel coronavirus has specifically been known for its high transmission rates.

Even as we follow the social distancing norms, the everyday objects and materials such as groceries or bills can bring the COVID-19 infection to our homes.

Experts also recommend sanitising our smartphones, masks and clothes whenever we re-enter our homes. However, using the usual sanitizers on our smartphones and gadgets can often damage their screens in the long run.

While sanitizer isn’t an option with food stuff, water alone cannot ensure 100% safety. Thus, the everyday use objects and supplies continue to pose a threat against COVID-19.

Key Features of Borosil Suraksha UV Kit

The Indian customer goods manufacturer states that it’s disinfect unit has been designed to meet all purification needs of an office as well as a family unit. It added that the box takes shorted time for smaller items and longer durations for larger objects. It suggests 2 minutes for small objects and 3 minutes for medium sized products while multiple objects and large objects need 5 and 8 minutes respectively.

The Suraksha UV box contains 4 UV-C lights (developed by Philips) to offer a complete 360-degree sanitisation and intends to cover 100 percent of the surface. It explained that the UV-C light inside the disinfection unit produces electromagnetic vitality. The electromagnetic vitality then affects the DNA of microbes including infectious virus and bacteria crushing their capacity to repeat and thus making them inert.

Borosil notes that it is safe to use the disinfect box even for food stuff. It added that it has been observed that the presentation of UV-C light positively affects natural products including fruits and vegetables. The product description on the website further read that the UV lights can keep going for as long as 11,000 hours (~ 458 days). Moreover, the disinfect unit also contains a limit of 22 liters to sanitize successfully all your daily items of use for both home and office.

Borosil Suraksha UV Disinfect Unit
Borosil Suraksha UV Kit

The spillage confirmation configuration ensures that the UV beams are securely placed inside the chamber. Moreover, to further minimise the risk of exposure of UV rays to the human body, the Borosil Suraksha UV kit automatically shuts off whenever it is opened. Additionally, the unit comes with a long 1.75-meter power link for more convenience.

In a last bit of caution, the company specifically emphasised that N95 face mask should not be kept inside the unit for more than two minutes. The company adds that keeping it inside the box for any longer can potentially reduce its sifting proficiency.

Moreover, Borosil also discouraged users from using it vacant and recommended users to turn it off whenever it is not in use.

If you have bought the Borosil Suraksha UV Disinfect kit, share your reviews in the comments below. You can also write to us on editorial@techthirsty.com and let us know about the latest tech gadgets you would like us to review.

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