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Borderlands 2 Reveal the Mechromancer DLC!

Gearbox recently unveiled the Mechromancer DLC beating its own launch date of October 16 and by the looks of it, the character is bound to be a curious addition. One finds out whether it will last the stretch…

If you are thoroughly enjoying your Borderlands 2 edition and still speculating over whether to buy the new DLC related to the Mechromancer class, then that is not surprising. The DLC, which introduces the fifth character, Gaige, the Mechromancer, into play has been questioned on its efficiency.

Even before its launch, the action skills of the character were found to be similar to the existing Commando with his turret being replaced by the D347-TP a. k. a. Deathtrap. But Gaige can be also called the oddest package supplement to the destructive quartet with designs and details meant to capture both old and new gamers.

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If it had not been a slip of tongue from Gearbox designer John Hemingway who termed her as the ‘girlfriend mode’, Gaige had a better chance with many gamers who would have preferred a variety in their game. Well, the pre-order sales of the game would have been hardly affected by that comment. No one take away the fact that Deathtrap is a much more effective addition to the game with increased mobility and better visual skills as compared to Commando’s Turret. Also, the verbal skills of Gaige and her unusual gestures make her an apt addition to the game. Now, Gearbox has also released a set of audio journals, which detail out the story behind Deathtrap and how Gaige developed it as a school science project. Deathtrap also has upgrades which enable eye-mounted lasers, faster healing abilities and a unique feature to cause explosions and indulge in energy attacks. The DLC is a fun addition to the existing game, which is breaking records in terms of sales.

The DLC also reveals three skill trees including ‘Best Friends Forever’, ‘Little Big Trouble’ and ‘Ordered Chaos’, which make up for a more vivid and interesting game play. They are attuned to gamer preferences and offer a better experience in handling the Mechromancer class. Unlike its other gaming adversaries, Gearbox revised the launch date of the DLC and released it a week prior offering a surprise to many of the gamers. They have kept the DLC as exclusive and fans, who are part of the Borderlands 2 pre-order club can avail it for free. Alternatively, you can purchase it for $9.99 on Playstation or obtain it for 800 Microsoft points via Xbox Live. Now, gamers have also been able to discover some hidden details in the downloadable content which hints towards some future expansion pack. Apparently, it is expected to be stitched around the pirate theme with players given quests to find a pirate’s booty. The exact details are yet to be confirmed by the developers but one can expect new additions from them. For now, one can enjoy the antics of the Mechromancer, which can be a good asset for your game play.

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