Gearbox software is garnering more adulations for its new innovations for the second edition of its hit game, Borderlands. More trailers cloud the World Wide Web as open challenges are thrown in by game characters…

Just like bullets, missiles and explosives dominate the battle scene, the arrival of Borderlands 2 is getting packed with more firepower provided with new trailers revealed by Gearbox. The Tediore weapons trailer really shows just one of the many weapons, which are dotting the armory of the new game. Selling it like a Baked Beans commercial shot in the 50s, the trailer shows a couple of characters, one of whom wants to secure his family and requires protection. In comes the Tediore Corporation to his rescue with a fast loading and speedy firing weapon for his safety, which he can utilize even without having thumbs! Now that is tad bit too much to ‘grapple’ but one thing is for sure, the guns’ business is pretty serious in Borderlands 2.

The last trailer revealed by Gearbox showed the character of Handsome Jack challenging all his opponents to ‘come and get’ him on the picturesque Pandora. While he seems irritated by the four opponents in front of him, he introduces each of them giving his opinion about each of them. Each of them is forwarded along with their game play and weapons preference. Throughout the trailer, one gets the preview of Jack’s den and his mercenaries who can defend his territory against the four characters coming to oust him. Axton who deploys the biggest assault of the four is shown with his control over the turrets similar to the character Roland from the first venture. ‘Gunzerker’ or Salvador is shown with the rage, which made Brick famous in the first part. The man just blows off an opponent with his heavy duty firing range. Need we say more! The petite character Maya packs a punch as she can control the elements and wage an attack. Besides, the mysterious Zer0 is the pick of the bunch that can slice and dice across the enemies.

Another character which would be available for game play would be ‘Mechromancer’ who is gaining notoriety with passing time. She is apparently a red-headed cyborg with a noticeable mechanical arm but designed for ‘lighter’ players. Apparently, lead designer John Hemingway referred to it as a design for ‘girlfriend mode’, which the Gearbox software President Randy Pitchford has reiterated as ‘Best Friends Forever’ whereby expert players can be joined by ‘less skilled coop partners’ for enjoying a game together. The new trailers completely miss this new character which would be available with DLC. The company meanwhile denied that Hemingway is a sexist for his ‘girlfriend’ terminology as he never intended that it would snowball into such a rage. Mechromancer is expected to join the crew after 60 days of the game launch on September 18, 2012.

Meanwhile, Jack mentions that the four protagonists are going to require a lot of firepower and slowly unravels an arsenal of weapons towards the end of the trailer showing the entire collection that is part of this new edition. He admits that it is a ‘lot of guns’ but when the firing is on, we won’t even realize it is gone! The game is all about the play of raw firepower and the trailer befittingly tells a true story! So, load up your guns for the battle is coming closer home and if you have not ordered your set, it would be a good time to reconsider!